Sooo, I just happen to mention to my Dad that I wanted to kind of be on the radio like my Mom. That I maybe might want to do some commercials, a little acting.. See this was nothing new to me since I had literally grown up behind the microphone. Mom took me to the many different poetry Sets and events that she hosted. Well Dad decided to build me and Mom our own Studio/Radio Station. Pretty cool huh.... so here are my pics in the studio. Hope you like them.


I looove the park. So when Mom & Dad asked me where I wanted to take some pictures of course I said " The Park". I picked one of my favorite parks to have this photo shoot. It has a small lake with a nice bridge and a wonderful garden. It even has a cool Ampitheatre. I really like some of the art sculptures they have.  Here are my pics. Take a look and let me know what you think.                                                


Anyone who knows me knows that I looove taking pictures. I'll take a picture almost, so here is a collection of some of my snapshots & selfies. You get to see me doing all the fun things I do with Mom & Dad. My crazy style and of course my hats ( I love my hats) and headbands. Check it out.