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Janae Nichelle is my name but its also my brand. I have worked long hours with my Mom & Dad to come up with a concept that captures all of me and the things I like to do....well what better way to express all the things I am than to just say who I am....lol. Thats me Janae Nichelle. Check out my vlog and crazy pictures and interviews on Youtube and Instagram. Then send me a tweet on twitter. Just to let you know..Mom & Dad monitor ALL of my social media so check me out

                                   Janae Nichelle


Magenta Hills is my production company. My parents and I started this little company because nobody can produce you better than ...YOU. If you watch any of my videos you'll see my logo on the opening credits just like in the movies. Hey don't worry it's trademarked and copywritten. I have'nt started doing videos for other kids yet but Dad is teaching me how to work the camera so watch out. I'll be looking for some shining stars to produce in the future.